Places to Visit in Antarctica

Antarctica is a very cold and remote place, yet it is a world known for its natural beauty. Millions of tourists flock to Antarctica each year, seeking an experience unlike any other. A visit to the continent presents one with a sense of awe and wonder. If you want to see the sights without spending too much money, there are other places to go.

Antartica, the youngest of the South American continents, lies far south of Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. Most travelers to the Antarctica spend their time in the months of June through November, visiting Argentina’s summer islands. Among the most visited islands are Patagonia, which are located in the Pacific Ocean, and Darwin, which are located on the continental shelf. Both sites are popular among travelers because they offer spectacular scenery and unique experiences.

New Zealand is another world-famous destination, best known for its amazing geothermal wonders. It has long been a favorite among adventure seekers, owing to its expansive range of geothermal features, including geysers, hot springs, glaciers, and lakes. Although the tourist influx to this country has slowed due to recent economic problems, it still boasts incredible geothermal opportunities. Some of the more popular places to travel to include Christchurch, the West Coast, or the South Island, depending on whether you travel during summer or winter.

Antarctica is not only made up of ice, though. It is also home to many diverse animal life forms, including birds, reptiles, mammals, and fishes. Many tourists traveling to this continent enjoy the opportunity to go on penguin safaris. These experiences provide the adventurer with the chance to observe these remarkable creatures up close. The birds that a traveler can expect to see in Antarctica include the kakuro, wrens, blue-winged teal, purple finch, and the black-cheeked parrot. Other birds that are native to this land include the white stork, the black duck, and the short-eared antelope.

Another of the many Antarctica places to visit is the Victoria Falls, which is known for its extreme attraction among both people who want to have an adventurous trip and people who merely want to watch. This falls consists of thousands of ice sculptures, some of which are more than ten feet in height. The tallest of these is over thirty seven hundred feet. No matter what your physical condition, a tourist can enjoy watching this natural wonder.

While in Antarctica, tourists can also experience firsthand what it feels like to be ice skiing. The best time to try this out is during the winter, when temperatures are much cooler. The International Antarctic Treaty has guidelines on the type of equipment that is needed for this sport. Those who wish to travel to this place on their own must also abide by these rules.

The last of the top places to visit in Antarctica is the South Pole itself. It is truly a place of wonder, as it is where the sun rises and sets, which makes it a popular destination for travelers. There is also the possibility of taking a flight to this place from London or any other city in the world. Most airlines offer trips scheduled every six months to this location. If you do decide to take a flight to this exotic destination, you will need to make your reservation as quickly as possible in order to avoid becoming disappointed by the slow arrival at the South Pole.

If you are interested in traveling to Antarctica, you should plan ahead. This will help you secure your spot on one of the many flights to this exotic location. There is also the possibility that you could be put on a train to get to the South Pole. These are only a few of the places to visit in Antarctica, but they are among the most popular. Why not begin by planning your next trip now?

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