Summer Provides an Abundance of Opportunities to Travel to Antarctica

If you are interested in taking a journey to Antarctica, there is good news for you. You can now book flights from Ushuaia to Antarctica without any problem whatsoever. The airport in Kaikoura is the primary international airport in Antarctica and it is situated on the coast of Amundsen Gulf. In fact, it serves flights from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Africa, France, Germany and the United States of America. The airport also serves flights from Australia and New Zealand as well as many Asian countries.

flights from ushuaia to antarctica

This flight will land at the McMurdo Station, which is a research station run by the National Science Foundation. There are about 70 scientists who work here and they conduct various types of research in the field of astronomy, earth science, geology, and meteorology among others. This station also provides accommodation to people who are taking international flights to Antarctica.

International flights to Antarctica are common during summer season and they may get booked up very fast. In fact, you can avail of this opportunity during the peak travel season between October and February. If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, the Australian Highways give you access to this part of the world easily. However, if you are from other parts of the world and you too want to travel to Antarctica, you must make your travel plans well in advance. This is because the weather in Antarctica during the wintertime can be very cold.

In fact, even during summer season, there is no dearth of airline flights to Antarctica as more tourists, researchers, students, businessmen and others from all over the world, travel to this continent for exploration purposes. The ice-free land of Antarctica is considered to be one of the most unexplored areas in the world. The icy peaks and glaciers of the Southern Oceans mark the surface of this place. This makes it an ideal place for expeditions and scientific researches.

There are also flights from Beijing to Beijing – the capital city of China – and Beijing to Dusseldorf, Germany, which connect with flights from Hong Kong, Taipei, Macau, Japan and other Asian cities. This indicates that more people are traveling to Antarctica during summer season. In addition, there are also flights from Toronto, Canada, to Beijing – the largest city in China. It is expected that more routes for flights to Antarctica will be operational by the year’s end.

In fact, there are also flights from Hong Kong, Macau and Tokyo to Darwin, Australia, which connect with the same flights from Beijing to Beijing. Such routes take off from Hong Kong and arrive in Antartica in time for the grand finale of the winter season. These flights make use of the Trans-Australian Highway and cover about 1270 kilometers of length. The longest route is still covered by the Beijing-Oxley Express.

In fact, more people are taking advantage of this new service. These include members of the traveling group, friends and relatives of the travelers, business professionals and others. The best part is that the travel service charges are quite reasonable considering the scenic beauty of the continent. The fees start from AED 250, which represents about US $2.00 per day.

However, there is a necessary note to be taken into consideration when opting for this service. The flights from Beijing to Antarctica are scheduled for only six days each year. Moreover, the shortest route covers about twelve 70-mile long segments. Therefore, the best time to travel to Antarctica via this mode of transport is during the months of September and October. Once the weather conditions in Antarctica improve, flight tickets can be booked for longer trips.